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Memorial Paolo d’Aloja – International Rowing Regatta d’Aloja

The Memorial Paolo d’Aloja, International Rowing Regatta, was founded in 1987 to commemorate Paolo d’Aloja, President of the Italian Rowing Federation in the 70′s and 80′s. Mr. d’Aloja was responsible of the rebirth of the “blue oar” (italian rowing team) after the heavy defeats of the Olympics Games of 1972, and to him we owe the insight to create the Federal Center of rowing on Piediluco lake. This choice was motivated by the particular environmental conditions of the lake: the lack of winds and currents and the presence of a long straight section.

The Local Authorities (City and Province of Terni, Umbria Region) supported with enthusiasm, from the outset, the project of the President Paolo d’Aloja, together with representatives of the Italian Rowing Federation, the Olympic Committee of Terni and the Rowing Club Piediluco which oversees the organization of the Regatta.

Since its first edition, the International Regatta was attended by dozens of national teams from all over the world, reaching more than 30 countries.

The event has been, from the beginning, a good technical test for the crews, as it takes place, as always, at the beginning of the season, during the month of April, and therefore, it is an opportunity to test preparation of the athletes ahead of the World Championships or Olympic events. The competition has always attended by crews technically at the top, just winners of Olympic medals or world.

Normally the finals of the regatta are transmitted by live commentary by Italian television RAI, and are also followed by journalists of the major national newspapers.

Now the lake Piediluco is inextricably linked to the sport of rowing.

Official website of regatta: www.memorialdaloja.org

Memorial d’Aloja
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